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Creative Commons

Filed under: June 16, 2006

I’ve changed the licensed on this site over to creative commons, all original content was previously under OSL 2.0. I’ve now chosen Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike which roughly speaking means you can do what you like with anything I’ve created here so long as you credit Ivan N Lucas, Lockdown.co.uk and pass it on with the same license. See the full license text for the nitty gritty details.


Filed under: September 11, 2004

If you have a keen interest in computer security, particularly where it relates to home computer users and would like to contribute news or articles we’d love to have you join us. Leave a comment here or contact us and we’ll tell you how to register an account.

Site Upgraded

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Today we’ve upgraded the software that runs the news portion of the site (the excellent WordPress for those interested), and made a few little tweaks to make the site more pleasant to use, for example we’ve added links to our news archive.

This might be an appropriate time to point that you can syndicate news from this site using our RSS or Atom feed. If you want to take advantage of our syndication feeds but aren’t sure where to start try a google search for rss reader.